6 Essential SEO Strategizing Tools

Various efficient tools are used by the SEO experts while optimizing the websites. These tools are mainly used while strategizing the steps the search engine marketing professionals are going to take for improving the rankings at the SERPs. Whether you do it yourself SEO or hiring a reputed internet marketing agency- these tools are the key to achieving the rankings for which the process is undergone.

Let’s have a quick look at some of the most popular and widely used SEO tools mainly used for strategizing to improve the website ranking by the best SEO company—

Google Analytics

One of the finest of all SEO tools, Google Analytics stands out of the crowd for showcasing the content updates, traffic status, eCommerce tracking, filtering traffic, site search and connect with the Google Webmaster Tools for optimizing the websites. Professionals offering SEO services Toronto and elsewhere find it indispensable for its one-stop and diverse features.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider

This tool is used to optimize the websites with several pages during search engine marketing. To keep a track on the broken links, this tool is widely used by the SEO experts. It notifies the webmasters immediately when they come across with the broken links. Innumerable numbers of broken links are responsible for opening the site in real time. If this becomes a stagnant issue, the number of bounce rate will increase and definitely the search engines will not appreciate it. Thus, the SEO professionals use the Screaming Frog SEO Spider tool for maintaining the websites from broken links.

Keyword Planner

For strategizing the keywords, this tool is widely used. Though according to many skeptics, the keywords are not that important for optimizing websites, but honestly, there are many acclaimed SEO professionals that have accredited the importance of keywords even after they have survived the whiplashes of the updates over the past few years by Google. Keyword is still important for optimizing search engines or social media and professionals in the internet marketing industry still depend on keywords for high-end SEO services Toronto and also at other places.

Keyword Rank Checker

This is another significant search engine marketing tool that helps the SEO professionals immensely. This tool allows around 100 Keywords per domain and supports in returning the ranking to the website that has been optimized.


Known to be the writers’ digest, the Grammarly serves by checking the syntax, spelling and other grammatical errors in the content. Whether for a long-form content or Meta titles, checking the write-ups on Grammarly help the writers to provide the best quality content.


Like HootSuit, Buffer is a predominating social media automation tool that is widely used for optimizing social media sites. Nowadays, social media is another major platform which is widely used by the internet marketers for optimizing their websites. Buffer is used by them to keep a tab on the latest developments, number of visits, likes and shares earned from the posts and so on.

These are some of the most essential SEO tools that are widely used by the internet marketers and especially the companies offering SEO services Toronto and globally.