Criminal Lawyers In Ottawa Can Help In Understanding The Bail Hearing Procedure

Female Lawyer or notary in her office

Gathering details about and understanding the bail hearing procedure prepares one for what to expect and to further how to deal with the favorable or unfavorable circumstance. And to get detailed insights about how it works, one can get in touch with any criminal defense lawyers in Ottawa. Bail hearing is basically a process through which the judge will reach onto a conclusion if the defendant should be released from the jail on bail until they are proven guilty or not.

Female Lawyer or notary in her office

It is considered to be one of the duties of lawyers practicing independently or working under the name of any criminal law firm Ottawa, they are bound to communicate effectively by offering clearer picture of the trial proceedings and what they must prepare themselves for. These criminal lawyer Ottawa ensures that open and unhindered understanding must be instilled in the client. Here are some bail hearing procedures and possibilities listed below:

  • Conduct and character: This process of court may take a decent time to complete as the judge has to be sure of his decision. And that assurance he attain by carefully studying the character, behaviour and conduct of the defendant. They not only examine the character but also study their history as well. They closely look if the defendant has any criminal records or experienced some traumatic mental condition. Furthermore, if they have any history in respect to drug or alcohol offence, what kind of family background they have and if they are the citizen or a non-resident. Post considering all these factors, the plea for bail is accepted or rejected. At Foursquare, you can avail more information about these services.
  • Menace to the society: The decision of granting a bail has to be well thought of. This is because of a simple reason, that if the person who has been set free on bail may harm or proves to a threat to the society and its people. Thus it is very important to ensure that the person out on bail will not commit any crime or indulge in any unlawful activities. It is one kind of mutual agreement that takes place that acts as a bond of integrity and virtue. Visit Yelp for more information.
  • Its terms and restrictions applied: Even if the bail is granted, certain terms and restrictions laydown by the law. Restrictions like they cannot travel abroad during the period they are out on bail, they must not own any weapon; they must not try to contact the victim etc. Furthermore, they must undergo a complete medical, mental, psychiatric, drug and alcohol tests. They must regularly visit the authorities as a proof of them being in the city and not travelling anywhere and must display a cooperative behaviour with officials in case of any interrogation is sited. Once all terms and conditions are accepted, the defendant has to deposit some amount as fees to be paid to secure a release from the custody.

Undergo evaluation from a reliable source:  For the period they are out on bail, they must seek an unbiased evaluation from a trusted source to start working towards the defence proceedings.