How To Get A Bail Bond And Get Someone Out Of Jail In West Palm Beach


West Palm Beach is one of three major cities in south Florida. If it’s your first time getting arrested in this city or someone from your family got arrested here, then you need not to panic. There is a clear and proper process of getting someone out of jail in this city that you can follow to make it faster for you to bail someone out.

The first thing that you should remember when arrested is that anything that you say can be held against you so you should remain silent. It is advisable to wait for a West Palm Beach lawyer before talking to an investigator. This way, you will not make the mistake of taking actions that will make the situation worse.

If you find yourself getting bullied by aggressive police officers, you should remember to remain calm remember that you have the right to remain silent. You can control the situation by not answering their questions until you have your lawyer’s advice.

After the arrest, you will be taken into custody. A bail will be organized and you will be able to call someone that you know or someone from your family to post a bail for you and get you out of jail. But you should also take note that some violations are non-bondable. Such violations are murder, armed drug trafficking, burglary with battery, and domestic battery.

What If The Bail Is Too High And I Can’t Afford It?

If you can’t afford the price of the bail, then you may opt for a bondsman to bail you out. The bondsman that you will hire is the one who assures the court that you will be present in your future court appearances. Your bondsman will usually charge an additional cost which is ten percent of the bond’s price. He or she will also ask for collateral like a house, car, or anything of great value.

Usually, it would take a person 8 to 24 hours to get out of jail after the bond has been posted. In Florida, bondmen can charge 10%. Federal bonds will cost you 15%, and 15% – 20% for immigration bonds. Bail bonds fees are premium and are non-refundable.

With the right bondsman, you will be able to get out of custody fast. Just make sure to hire the right one and you should have no problem with bailing someone out of jail. Also remember that you will be able to get the bail money back at the end of the case as long as you appear in court. So you shouldn’t panic and just remember these tips if ever you or a loved one gets arrested in West Palm Beach.