ValueMags Employees Await the Solar Eclipse


Many astrology lovers are getting ready for next month’s solar eclipse. Among those astrology lovers are ValueMags employees. The family oriented magazine marketing and distribution company is excited to gather at the company headquarters with their families for the event. One of the ways they plan on doing that is by purchasing and/or getting ready their cameras to capture the whole experience. Among the advice NBC Chicago news has for astrology lovers, they say to keep your phone away, have paper shades ready, and to enjoy. But why put your cell phone away?

Solar eclipses occur wen the moon and the sun overlap, completely blocking the sun. As a result, there is a white light that shines around the black circle. In the United States, the state of Oregon will be the first to see the solar eclipse and it will follow into 14 states all the way to the Atlantic coast in North Carolina. It will be the first solar eclipse to be seen from coast-to-coast since the end of the Second World War say ValueMags researchers. The period of darkness that individuals may see can range anywhere from a couple of seconds to nearly three minutes. That occurs when the moon and the sun re perfectly lined up. The best place to see the solar eclipse next month is in what’s called the “path of totality”. That space is between 60-70 miles wide and is where you can witness the nearly 3 minutes of complete darkness and alignment. The “path’s” trajectory carves through rural areas where there is not much cell phone service. That interference may cause individuals to not be able to post their solar eclipse pictures right away. On the bright side, that forces individuals to actually sit back and enjoy what they see rather than missing the majority of it being attached to their phones.

Due to the solar eclipse hype and buzz, Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint will be setting up additional temporary towers to counter the frequencies. AT&T will set up eight additional cell phone towers across the United States to give Americans the service they want and need. On the other hand, Sprint and Verizon Wireless say the their technology has improved, therefore does not need as many towers to counter the effects of the solar eclipse socially and technologically. There are many groups gathering for the event. If you have no where to go, join ValueMags by contacting them today. No one should miss out on the solar eclipse!